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Twinning Proposal Training for Horizon Europe

Nanotoxicology Research Group of NanoAlb Unit participated in the Training workshop entitled “Twinning Proposal Training for Horizon Europe” held on Wednesday 21st June 2023, under the supervision of Giles Brandon from Intelligentsia Consultants. During the training session, topics relating to writing proposal state of the art and project implementation and management were discussed. Nanotoxicology Research Group leader Prof. Valbona Aliko and her collaborators Dr. Ledja Vasjari Dr. Ani Bajrami, Dr. Fundime Miri, and Dr. Eliana Ibrahimi, together with trainer Giles Brandon shared interesting ideas about possibilities to ignite any new proposals in the framework of the Twinning topic under the Horizon Europe programme based on fruitful discussions during the workshop. We are grateful to Mr. Giles Brandon for his time and the very helpful and thought-provoking training course, and all his valuable suggestions and comments are given on our group proposals.


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