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Third Nano Technology Workshop: Building Collaborations Between Science and Industry

On 26 June 2024, the third workshop titled “Science of Nanotechnology Meets Industry: Creating Collaborations” was held at the National Cultural Centre (Pyramid) and online. Organised by NanoAlb in collaboration with the Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF), the event aimed to foster cooperation, innovation, and economic growth by bringing together high-tech industries from Albania and beyond, with a focus on nanotechnology.

The workshop featured poster presentations showcasing the latest technologies and expertise, promoting potential collaborations and knowledge sharing. The ultimate goal was to increase research activities and secure funding for a modern research centre dedicated to nanotechnology excellence and innovation at NanoAlb, thereby strengthening the region's position in this scientific field.


Key attendees included the President of the Academy of Sciences of Albania, Academician Skënder Gjinushi, members of the Academy's Presidium, NanoAlb research group representatives, and various local and international industry partners, including the National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (AKKSHI) and the Spanish Embassy.


The event began with a session moderated by Professor Dr Majlinda Vasjari, featuring presentations on various nanotechnology applications, from AI-based anomaly detection in cell samples to quality control in wine production. The second session, moderated by Professor Dr Kledi Xhaxhiu, included presentations on nanotechnological products and their industrial applications. The third session, moderated by Professor Dr Valbona Aliko, focused on innovative methods for environmental protection and resource recovery.


The workshop concluded with a roundtable discussion, where Giles Brandon from Intelligentsia Consultants and other experts discussed European projects and strategies to enhance academia-industry collaboration.


Through these presentations and discussions, the workshop aimed to address critical challenges in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and the environment, leveraging nanotechnology advancements to boost productivity and regional impact. The ultimate aim is to develop research activities and secure funding for a modern research centre dedicated to nanotechnology excellence at NanoAlb, thereby solidifying the region's leading position in this field.


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Image courtesy of Dhurata Hamzai of the Academy of Sciences of Albania.


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