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SUSNANO workshop during the nanoBalkan Conference

From October 16 to October 20, 2023, the NanoBalkan2023 International Conference played host to a workshop titled "Sustainable Nanotech-Based Biosensors." Organized as part of the SUSNANO Project's overarching mission to enhance the scientific and innovative capabilities of the Universiteti i Tiranes, this event marked a significant stride in the journey toward sustainable nanosensors for water pollution detection.

In this workshop, attendees delved into the world's most important achievements in sensor and biosensor development, relying on cutting-edge nanomaterials and innovative techniques designed for environmental, diagnostic, and food safety control. Scientists from different countries, alongside SUSNANO project partners, congregated to share their experiences, scientific breakthroughs, and brainstorm new trends in the realm of nanotech-based biosensors.

Highlights from the Workshop Sessions

Section One:

  1. Antonella Macagnano, CNR, Italy: "Convergence of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and Electrospinning Technologies to Design Advanced Selective Sensors of VOCs."

  2. Fabiana Arduini, Roma, Italy: "Paper-based Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors: A New Generation of Devices with Unprecedented Features."

  3. Mamas (Mamantos) Prodromidis, Joanina, Greece: "Wax Screen Printed Fabric-Based Colorimetric Microfluidic Wearable (Bio)Sensors for Biomarkers in Sweat."

Section Two:

  1. Sibel A. OZKAN, Ankara, Turkey: "An Overview of Electroanalytical Carbon-Based Nanosensors and Their Applications: The Current and Future Prospect."

  2. Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Paris, France: "Aptamer-Based Nanosensors for the Detection of Small Organic Molecules."

  3. Martin Pumera, CEITEC, Czech Republic: "3D Printing Meets 2D Materials for Energy Storage and Sensing."

  4. Angela Gilda Carota, University of Pisa, Italy: "CRISPR/Cas12a-Based Portable and Low-Cost Inkjet Printed Platform for One-Pot Pathogen Detection."

Section Three:

  1. Can Dincer, Frieburg, Germany: "CRISPR-Powered Multiplexed Biosensors for Point-of-Care Management of Infectious Diseases."

  2. Liridon Berisha, University of Prishtina, Albania: "Electrochemical Paper Analytical Device for Nitrite and Nitrate Determination."

Section Four:

  1. Ana Ameda, University of Tirana, Albania: "Electrochemical Determination of Heavy Metals Using Hybrid Nanosheets of Au@rGO."

  2. Gabriel Maroli, ICN2, Spain: "Enhancing Resistive Humidity Sensors with GO Resistors for Thermal."

  3. Lueda Kulla, University of Tirana, Albania: "Development of GCE Modified with Graphene Derivatives for Detection of Paraquat."

  4. Nensi Isak, University of Tirana, Albania: "Maximizing the Adsorption Efficiency in Electrochemical Determinations: Insights into Electrode Surface Modifications."

  5. Sadik Cenolli, University of Tirana, Albania: "Electrochemical Detection of Azithromycin Based on Modified Carbon Paste Electrode."

The NanoBalkan2023 International Conference's workshop marked a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable nanosensors for various applications. Stay tuned for more updates on SUSNANO's progress.


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