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Spring School "Electrochemical Nanobiosensors for Environmental Diagnostics"

On April 15-16, 2024, the SUSNANO Spring School was held in Barcelona at the ICN2 premises. This time, the school brought together researchers and students interested in Electrochemical Nanobiosensors for Environmental Diagnostics.

The event was organized through the joint efforts of Prof. Arben Merkoçi (leader of the Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group at ICN2), Dr Ruslan Alvarez, and Anna Puig.

During the two-day event, participants had the chance to exchange experiences related to electrochemical nanobiosensors for environmental diagnostics. The schedule included a variety of activities such as lectures, discussions, workshops, and networking sessions.

The first day of the SUSNANO Spring School program began with a plenary on "Graphene derivatives and their applications" led by Prof. Michal Otyepka from the CATRIN Institute at Palacky University, Czech Republic. Dr. César Fernández  (Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (CSIC) offered a keynote lecture “Scalable manufacturing of electrochemical sensors based on tailor-made metal nanoparticle carbon materials applied to the detection of water pollutants”.

The lecturers were given by prominent leaders in the field:

Dr Marianna Rossetti (ICN2) - “DNA-based Nanosensors for Environmental Applications”

Dr. Petr Jakubec (CATRIN Palacký University Olomouc) - Antibiotic Sensing in the 21st Century: Innovations and Future Directions

Dr Andrew Piper (ICN2)-  “Nanoelectrodes for sensing applications”  

Dr Giluio Rosati (ICN2) - “Inkjet-printing of nanobiosensors with consumer printers”


The lectures were followed by live interactive workshop showcasing nanosensor technologies and applications:

Gabriel Maroli (ICN2) - “Development of PocketABLE Devices”

Andy Bruno (ICN2) and Ana Ameda (University of Tirana) - "An integrated microfluidic device for heavy metal sensing"

Massimo Urban (ICN2) - “Inkjet-printing of nanobiosensors with consumer inkjet printers”

The second day of the SUSNANO Spring School program began with the guided tour on the ICN2 facilities. It followed by the plenary on " Biosensors based on Monolayer Graphene Field Effect transistors" led by Dr. Vincent Bouchiat, CEO & Cofounder of Grapheal (France). Then, 3 keynote lectures were offered:

  •        Prof. Cecilia Jimenez from IMB-CNM (CSIC, Spain) - “Intelligent multi-sensor systems enabling real time water quality assessment and early prediction of pollutants”.

  •        Prof. Isabel Pividori (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) - Portable biosensing device for environmental and industrial microbiology.

  •        Dr. Lukas Spichal (CATRIN Institute at Palacky University)“Electrochemical biosensors as an emerging data collection tool for plant phenotyping and agriculture” CATRIN | RCPTM | Czech Republic.

 A special feature of the second day of the School was a Q&A session with the experts. The panel discussion focused on key issues, trends, and challenges in the field of sustainable nanosensors.


The SUSNANO Spring School helped to strengthening collaboration among partners, opened up new opportunities, and provided students with a wealth of new knowledge.




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