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Fostering the Next Generation: SUSNANO Sparks Collaboration with Kings Tirana High School

On January 25th, 2024, at the invitation of Kings Tirana High School, the SUSNANO project coordinator University of Tirana, togetehr with the NanoAlb, held a meeting to foster school-university collaboration. Thirty young minds had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge research in physiology, molecular physiology, nanotoxicology, and nanoscience during an interactive talk moderated by Prof. Aliko. Moreover, students were also provided with the most recent projects and discoveries from the Nanotoxicity Research Group. During the session, students demonstrated keen interest and enthusiasm, asking numerous questions and showcasing their curiosity. Summary of the meeting discussed the concept of a pilot project aimed at establishing long-term collaboration between Kings Tirana High School, NanoAlb, and the University of Tirana's Faculty of Natural Sciences.

This activity followed a previous workshop, organized by Nanotoxicity Research Group, NanoAlb, and Laboratory of Ecophysiology, Department of Biology, during 29 November-2 December, where students of Kings school and Master students of Biology participated actively on scientific research and hand-on experiences using cytotoxicity bioassays to evaluate possible effects of metallic nanoparticles on cellular models. 


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