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Empowering Women in Nanotechnology: Highlights from the 2024 Forum

The Women in Nanotechnology 2024 online forum, organized by the NanoAlb Unit of the Albanian Academy of Sciences on March 8th, 2024, brought together over fifty women scientists. This gathering aimed to showcase the achievements and insights of successful Albanian women in nanotechnology, alongside accomplished women from various European countries. The forum featured multiple sessions, including "Albanian Women in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology," which highlighted the careers of Albanian women and girls in nanotechnology on both local and internationally scales. Presentations included contributions from emerging Albanian scholars pursuing doctorates abroad and outstanding master's students. Prof. Majlinda Vasjari, SUSNANO project Coordinator, made a detailed overview about the role and contribution of women members of Nanoalb in the entire scientific activity, and not only. The second session welcomed representatives from diverse European countries, leading institutions, and nanotechnology companies. Notably, Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Business Climate, delivered a welcoming speech emphasizing the government's commitment to supporting women's participation in all aspects of national life, especially in entrepreneurship and startup leadership. Additionally, the forum hosted a panel discussion on labor market dynamics, enriching the dialogue on women's roles in shaping the future of nanotechnology and beyond.


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