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Czech and Albanian Researchers Collaborate on Scientific Exchange

In a collaborative effort, three Czech researchers joined forces with their peers at the University of Tirana to share insights and expertise in a range of scientific fields.


Michal Otyepka contributed his knowledge on the functionalization of graphene for sensing purposes. His work aims to improve the sensitivity and selectivity of sensors, which could have applications in environmental and diagnostic fields.


Petr Jakubec focused on the application of aptamers in electrochemistry, exploring their potential in biosensing, bioassays, and electrocatalysis. His research offers a glimpse into how aptamers might be used more effectively in scientific research, with implications for medical diagnostics and environmental testing.


Vojtěch Kupka discussed the development of high-performance supercapacitors from plastic waste, addressing an important environmental issue while exploring potential energy storage solutions. His approach suggests a way to repurpose plastic waste into useful energy storage devices, though it's part of a broader conversation on sustainable technologies.


The collaboration between the Czech researchers and the University of Tirana underscores the value of international exchange in advancing scientific knowledge. While the initiative brings together experts to tackle specific challenges, it also highlights the ongoing need for collaboration across borders to address both scientific and environmental issues.


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