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Successful Completion and New Projects Highlighted at NanoAlb Workshop

On 25 June 2024, a workshop organised by NanoAlb at the Academy of Sciences of Albania, and supported by the SUSNANO project, celebrated the successful conclusion of the "NanoAlb Ignite Projects 2022-2024" and introduced the new winning projects under the "3rd call NanoAlb Ignite Projects 2024-2026."


The workshop featured the presentation of six new projects to be implemented through the collaboration of 11 NanoAlb research groups and five international institutions. These projects aim to foster future joint proposals for international funding, such as EU and other international calls.


During the session, challenges related to the Master’s programme in Nanotechnology were discussed, highlighting issues in teaching, infrastructure, and student performance. Academician Gjinushi affirmed the ongoing support for scientific research in nanotechnology, emphasising the establishment of the NanoAlb research centre.


The event included key figures such as the President of the Academy of Sciences of Albania, Academician Skënder Gjinushi, and NanoAlb director, Academician Arben Merkoçi, among others. The new projects were presented by their respective coordinators, and insights on the "Horizon Europe Widening Programme" were provided by guest speaker Giles Brandon.


This workshop underscored NanoAlb's commitment to advancing nanotechnology research and education through collaborative efforts and continuous support from the Academy of Sciences of Albania.

Image courtesy of Dhurata Hamzai of the Academy of Sciences of Albania.


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